July 4th Parades

July 4th parades are on Saturday this year with Chelmsford in the morning followed by Pepperell in the afternoon. As usual we will have a cookout afterward for all participants and their families at Carl’s house

June 25th - Opening Night Lowell Spinners

Opening night at the Lowell Spinners is Thursday June 25th. The 6th will be the honorary color guard and as usual as part of the game entertainment we will fire for every run scored by the Spinners and a final volley at the end of the game.

June 5th - Alive in 75

Groton Dunstable Middle school “Alive in 75” is on Friday June 5th from 7:45am to 2pm. Bringing our living history to the next generation

May 25th - Memorial Day 2015

Memorial Day is one of our busiest weekends with ceremonies being conducted in virtually every town in Middlesex county. The 6th Middlesex is a key component of ceremonies in our respective minute company towns but numerous requests come from surrounding towns. This year we participated in Dunstable, Pepperrel, Tyngsboro, and Carlisle.

April 20th - Patriots Day 2015

Patriots day 2015 started off cloudy and cool and then turned cold and rainy as it often does in April. However this is only the second time in 20 years we have had less than perfect weather on this historic date. Despite the weather we had a good turn out, dividing our group into three units reenacting the early morning alarm and subsequent march to the North Bridge to defend Concord against the British army. The 6th Middlesex Chelmsford unit gathered on the Chelmsford common at 4am and began a march to Carlisle accompanied by local boy scouts and cub scout troops. In Carlisle a the second unit sound the alarm at 6:45am and was joined by the Chelmsford group and 150 Carlisle citizens, who as a large group marched the 4.5 miles to the bridge on the original road through Estabrook woods.
At the same time the third unit gathered on Westford common at 4:30am and began a separate march to the North Bridge. All three units converged at the bridge around 8:30am and reassembled as a single regiment. We were also joined by other minutemen companies from other towns such as Stow, Sudbury, Acton, among others.

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